what do i need to get started in ecommerce

What you need to start your ecommerce business.

This page is my secret weapon to getting everything done.  Everything you will need to set up an e-commerce site.   The better systems, the more I can grow my businesses.  I personally use all these items.  I will constantly update this page as new and better programs/products become available.  Below are affiliate links included with no additional cost to you.  None.  Zero.  I have recommended them because I use them a ton, not due to the small commissions I make.  I would never put anything here that I don’t stand by.

So let’s answer that question:  What Do I Need To Set Up An E-Commerce Site?


I have converted a lot of my marketing to the click funnels technology.  Why?  Because I got to shut down about 10 different services due to click funnels having them all in one spot.  Happy Camper, I tell ya.  Happy Happy.

Email – Send Grid easily integrates into Click Funnels.


Technology and Gadgets

My Camera is the Mark 5D III   and the lens I use 99% of the time is the Canon 35mm.  It is a bit heavier but absolutely worth it!  Pictures sell products!

Lighting for videos is so critical. My number one choice of lights is NATURAL!  Go outside in the shade.  Not only will you get stunning pic, but you’ll also save cash and burn 10 extra calories by walking outside!  Second best would be the diva light is fantastic.  I use it in when I’m inside.  It makes the shot a bit more magical (in the sense it makes my skin look non-blotchy).  When it’s dark and dreary I pull in the cowboy lighting set.  That boom box will give a ‘halo’ look and help the subject or items ‘pop,’ but then it’s messy in my house with lights and cords and too much stuff so I’ll usually wait until the next day.

My Computer – I’m a Mac laptop gal AND…just got a Mac desk top.  LOVE.

Video Editing Software – I use iMovie.  I keep the videos simple.




Hosting – For the blog, I use Blue host.  This is what I’m on with this blog.  They have some of thee BEST customer service I’ve ever had with a blogging business.  They have plans for as little as $3.99.  That’s less than a pint of raspberries!  Yum.

WordPress Design – Go to etsy and search blog design.  You’ll find lots for cheap over there!


On-line EASY set up shops for MANY sku’s (Note, if it’s simple then use click funnels)

Shopify— The girls rock shopify for their scarves.  It’s simple and a great shop.

Big Commerce – Is where I host three of my personal businesses.  This one is great for personalization.


Legal Shenanigans  

Legal Zoom – If you don’t have an LLC, drop everything you are doing and get one NOW!  This is vital to your business.  You need an EIN.  Protect your personal from your business.  They are easy to get and very worth it if heaven forbid…anything were to come up.


Marketing – This is what I teach in my course 0-100k.  I teach this plus where to find product to resale, design and how to kill online sales:)  Hop over there and sign up for a free master class.


What Do I Need To Set Up An E Commerce Site