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alison prince

Hi Friends,

I am so glad you are here!  My name is Alison J Prince, but I go by Alison.  I put the J in there to separate me a bit more from the other Alison Princes of the world.  This page is dedicated to helping you build a successful e-commerce business while working part-time.  I know you are busy.  We all are so I’ll keep it short and sweet most of the time so you can get on your way to building your plan to take over the world or just make your first $100k in sales.  I’m sure you are wondering if I really have any experience.  There is so much ‘fluff’ and so many over-exaggerators online that it’s hard to trust what people say and their so-called expertise.  Well, here’s what I have to offer: first-hand experience.  I hope you’ll find my qualifications via extensive personal experience vs. just reading about it.  By working hard and learning what works and what doesn’t has given me the ability to share real-life experiences.  Sharing what works and what bombs (yes, I have lost thousands of dollars due to just not knowing what I know now).  I currently run several e-commerce businesses so that I can keep on top of this ever-changing FAST-paced e-commerce world and share my knowledge and “tricks” with you.

Over the last seven years, I have started eight online businesses.  I have grown dollars into millions and pennies into thousands.  Now I’m sharing everything I’ve learned so that you can become financially successful.


My first online business,, was co-started seven years ago with two other friends.   It is a modern blog filled with all sorts of inspiring how-to articles, recipes, and DIYs geared toward helping women become better.  HowDoesShe has been my playground for learning about how ‘E’ life works.  I took our Facebook page from 150,000 to over 2.1 million followers and increased our page views from 800,000 to over 6 million views.


From there I built a company called and hit a million in revenue in it’s first year.  Now, it’s on year 6 and still growing!  I currently employee around 25 people.   I have imported all sorts of products from China and India, as this business started out only selling branded PickYourPlum products.  This company now allows others to sell their products.  It’s a marketplace for deals.


When my daughters were 10 and 13, they started selling scarves online through their site called iScarf 2.  These two girls ended up selling over $100,000 in 9 months!  Yes, you read that right.  $100K in 9 months. The 10-year-old was in elementary and the 13-year-old in jr. high struggled to get her locker open.  They now have saved enough to pay for their entire college…if they decide to go.  I am a big believer in education and not just ‘getting a degree’.  They now have the confidence to change their future.  It’s not going to be based on what a ‘boss’ says they can or can’t do.  They are currently working on business #2.


Over the last eight years of learning the e-commerce and social world, I found that it’s my time to share and teach what I have learned so others can experience this kind of success too and so that is why I started BecauseICan Clan.  Hop on over to the BecauseICan Clan FB page or follow on youtube.

The other 4 businesses are e-commerce businesses.  I don’t put them here because I’ve found there are plenty of copycats out there so I only share that with my 0-$100K students.


I have four children and a studly husband.  They are my life.  I’ve created business building posts, e-commerce reports and an e-course where you can “get to the goods” fast so that you too can spend time with those you love and not be a slave to nonsense.


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Talk to you soon!



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